Gooseberry - Invicta

Soft Fruit Plants
Invicta Gooseberry

Ribes uva-crispa var reclinatum
Invicta is a very popular green gooseberry. The large green berries are excellent for culinary use but are also sweet enough to eat fresh when fully ripe. The bushes are vigorous, heavy cropping and have good mildew resistance.

Origin: Kent UK 1983

Pollination:  Invicta is self-fertile and a pollinator is not necessary for producing a crop.

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We have now stopped taking orders for the winter 2015/16 planting season. Our 2016/17 list is currently being prepared. It will be available from 1st May when we will start taking orders for delivery next autumn/winter.
Please select form available items in the table below. Trees and plants are supplied bare root during the planting season from late November to early March.
Fruit / Variety Availability Price Qty required
Gooseberry Invicta 2 Year Sold out
The availability information shown in the availability column in the table is always up-to-date.
Available means Available for supply from Nov 2015 to March 2016
2016/17 means Sold out but available for supply winter 2016/17. Orders taken from May 2016
Sold out means Sold out for supply Nov 2015 to March 2016. May be available again winter 16/17