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White Transparent Apple

Malus domestica
White Transparent is a very early season dual purpose variety - one of the first to ripen. A little too sharp for most as a dessert apple but excellent as a cooker.

Origin: Russia 1800

Pollination:  White Transparent is partially self-fertile and would produce some crop without a pollinator but would benefit considerably from a pollinator. Show suitable pollination partners

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We have now stopped taking orders for the winter 2014/15 planting season. Our 2015/16 list is currently being prepared. It will be available from 1st May when we will start taking orders for delivery next autumn/winter.
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Rootstock / Vigour / Age / Form Availability Price Qty required
MM111 - Vigorous   1 year Maiden 2015/16 £16.50
M25 - Very vigorous   1 year Maiden Sold out £16.50
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History and description of White Transparent

White Transparent apple arose in Russia or the Baltic States. Widely grown in 19th Century Europe. Introduced to North America in 1870 where it was known as Yellow Transparent and grown commercially as an early dual purpose variety. Still grown in Russia and Sweden.

Medium sized, round-conical fruit. Very pale green skin with a white bloom. Juicy, almost white flesh. Quite sharp, refreshing taste. A little too sharp as a dessert apple. A good culinary variety cooking to a cream coloured puree with good flavour needing little added sugar. The fruit bruises easily and goes soft soon after picking.

Moderately vigorous tree. Very hardy. Good resistance to scab and mildew, but susceptible to canker and fireblight. Good, regular cropper. The very pale, almost luminescent, green apples look attractive on the tree.

Main characteristics of White Transparent

Use Dual Cul & Des
Colour Green
Flavour Sharp
Fruit size  Large
Picking time  Late Jul/Early Aug
Season of use  Jul-Aug

Tree vigour  Moderate
Tree habit  Upright-Spreading
Fruit bearing  Spur-bearer
Cropping Good
Disease resistance  Canker: Slightly susceptible
Scab: Resistant
Mildew: Resistant

Pollination date  6
Pollination group  B
Self fertility  Partially Self Fertile
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Other names  Transparente Blanche