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Blackberry and Hybrid Berries

Many people will have fond childhood memories of picking blackberries from wild brambles in hedgerows during the summer holidays. Thankfully, modern cultivated varieties of blackberry no longer have the razor sharp thorns, nor do they grow into vigorous, rampant plants threatening to take over the garden. The berries are also much larger, juicier and sweeter - even if they fail to live up to those childhood memories!

The hybrid berries have been produced by cross breeding blackberries with raspberries. They are dark red in colour and have a very distinct tangy flavour. But in most other respects they resemble blackberries.

Both blackberries and the hybrid berries are good for eating fresh, use in desserts and make excellent jams. They also freeze well for use in the winter. They can be grown throughout the UK. In fact the mild British summer weather is ideal. Most varieties grow and crop best in full sun but will tolerate partial shade. Although they need a structure of posts and wires for support, once that has been set up they are easy to grow. Click here for a guide to choosing blackberry and hybrid berries.

Blackberry plants

Please find below 12 of the most popular and recommended varieties. We can offer a total of 13 varieties - click here.

Hybrid berry plants