Hybrid Berry - Buckingham Tayberry

Buckingham Tayberry Hybrid Berry

A cross between raspberry and blackberry with large dark red fruit and excellent flavour

Pollination:  Buckingham Tayberry is self-fertile and a pollinator is not necessary for producing a crop.

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Hybrid Berry Buckingham Tayberry 3L Container

History and description of Buckingham Tayberry

Buckingham is thornfree variety of Tayberry. Tayberry is a cross between raspberry and blackberry. The fruit is dark red in colour and longer than a raspberry. It is juicier but sharper flavoured than raspberry. The fruit ripens over a long period in July and August. For best flavour it should be allowed to fully ripen to a dark red colour before picking. It is best used for jams and summer puddings but can also be eaten fresh.

The canes need to be trained on wires either on a sunny wall or on posts with a spacing of about 3m (9ft) between plants.