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Medana Tayberry

A cross between raspberry and blackberry with large dark red fruit and excellent flavour.

Origin: ,

Pollination: Medana Tayberry is self-fertile and a pollinator is not necessary for producing a crop.  Pollination partners

Medana Tayberry blackberry and hybrid berries produced to order

We do not stock this variety, but it is available through our custom grafting service.

If you wish to order a grafted tree of this variety please fill in our contact form in the first instance. You will need to contact us before June.

History and description of Medana Tayberry

Medana is the more widely grown slightly thorned variety of Tayberry. Tayberry is a cross between raspberry and blackberry. The fruit is dark red in colour and longer than a raspberry. It is juicier but sharper flavoured than raspberry. The fruit ripens over a long period in July and August. For best flavour it should be allowed to fully ripen to a dark red colour before picking. It is best used for jams and summer puddings but can also be eaten fresh.

We supply Medana both as smaller field grown bare root and larger container grown plants. The canes need to be trained on wires either on a sunny wall or on posts with a spacing of about 3m (9ft) between plants.

Characteristics of Medana Tayberry blackberry and hybrid berries

UseDual Cul & Des
Fruit size
Picking time
Season of useJul-Aug
Tree vigourModerate
Tree habit
Pollination date0
Pollination group
PollinatorsPollination partners