Cranberry bushes

Like blueberries, cultivated cranberries are also from a species originating in North America. Cranberries plants are evergreen with small silvery leaves which turn bronze or red in the autumn, and branches that spread on the ground. They can root from branches touching the soil. As such they are ideal as ground-cover plants. They have tiny pink flowers and red berries which are rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants. They are acid-loving plants native of regions with moist and even boggy soils rich in organic matter. They are easy to grow as long as they are provided with right growing conditions. To grow them successfully you need a constantly moist, very acid soil of pH 4 with plenty of organic matter. Ideally you should water them with rainwater as tap water is hard in most parts of the country and would reduce acidity. If your garden soil is not suitable they can be grown in containers using an ericaceous (acid) compost and rainwater. The cranberry plants we supply are container grown. Click here for a guide to choosing blueberry and cranberry.

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    The most popular Cranberry in the UK