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Blackcurrant bushes

There is nothing quite like the very distinctive flavour and aroma of blackcurrants. Blackcurrant jam is one of the most popular traditional jams. Blackcurrants are an essential ingredient of summer pudding one of the most delicious of English puddings. In France, blackcurrants are used to make crème de cassis which mixed with white wine or champagne makes the popular summer drink kir. Blackcurrants, particularly some of the newer varieties which have sweeter larger berries, can also be eaten fresh. As is widely known, blackcurrants are one of the richest sources of vitamin C. Click here for a guide to choosing currant bushes.
  • A heavy cropping early blackcurrant with good disease resistance and large berries.
  • One of the most popular blackcurrants grown in the UK.
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    A late ripening blackcurrant with good mildew and frost resistance.
  • A very popular mid season blackcurrant with great flavour.
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    With sweet berries twice the size of most other backcurrant this is the ideal variety for eating fresh.