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Raspberry canes

With their distinctive flavour, raspberries are the quintessential British summer fruit. They are delicious eaten fresh and make a wonderful jam. Like all soft fruit raspberries do not keep but they can be kept frozen, particularly for use in desserts. Raspberries can be grown throughout the UK. In fact the mild British summer weather is ideal for raspberries. The Scottish name of many raspberry varieties is testament to the fact that they thrive in the cooler northern climate. Although they need a structure of posts and wires for support, once that has been set up raspberries are easy to grow, crop well and a long season of cropping can be achieved by choice of varieties. Raspberries are an excellent addition to the fruit garden or allotment. Click here for a guide to choosing raspberry canes.

Early season summer raspberries

Early season summer raspberries are varieties that ripen from late June to mid July in southern England.

Mid season summer raspberries

Mid season summer raspberries are varieties which ripen from early July to early August in southern England.

Late season summer raspberries

Late season summer raspberries are varieties that ripen from mid July to mid August in southern England.

Autumn raspberries

Autumn raspberries are varieties that ripen from mid August through September or even early Octoberas long as weather permits.