Pollination partners for: Vega

Pollination Group: D      Pollination Date: 0      Self-fertility: Self-sterile
Vega is self-sterile and requires a pollinator to produce a crop.
Taking into account all the relevant factors the following Cherry varieties would be suitable pollinators. If the list is long it may be in several pages. Click the variety name for detailed information and online ordering for that item. Alternatively, click for brief pop-up information.
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Variety Use Pollination group Pollination date Self-fertility
    Albalu Culinary E Self-fertile
    Amber Dessert C Self-sterile
    Bigarreau Gaucher Dessert E Self-sterile
    Black Elton Dessert E Self-sterile
    Elton Heart Dessert C Self-sterile
    Emperor Francis Dessert D Self-sterile
    Florence Dessert E Self-sterile
    Governor Wood Dessert C Self-sterile
    Kentish Red Culinary D Self-sterile
    Lapins Dessert D Self-fertile
    May Duke Culinary C Partially self-fertile
    Merton Bigarreau Dessert C Self-sterile
    Merchant Dessert C Self-sterile
    Merton Crane Dessert D Self-sterile
    Merton Late Dessert E Self-sterile
    Merton Marvel Dessert C Self-sterile
    Merton Premier Dessert C Self-sterile
    Merton Reward Dessert D Self-sterile
    Montmorency Culinary E Self-fertile
    Morello Culinary E Self-fertile
    Nabella Culinary E Self-fertile
    Napoleon Dessert D Self-sterile
    Penny Dessert D Self-sterile
    Roundel Dessert C Self-sterile
    Stella Dessert D Self-fertile
    Summer Sun Dessert D Partially self-fertile
    Sunburst Dessert D Self-fertile
    Turkish Black Dessert E Self-sterile
    Van Dessert C Self-sterile
    Whiteheart Dessert C Self-sterile