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Bloody Ploughman

A legendary dark red dessert apple from Scotland with some red flesh.

Origin: Scotland, 1883

Pollination: Bloody Ploughman is self-sterile and would require a pollinator to produce a crop.  Pollination partners

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History and description of Bloody Ploughman

Arose in Carse of Gowrie, Scotland. First recorded in 1883. There is a colourful story behind the rather strange name. A ploughman was caught stealing apples from the Megginch estate and shot by a gamekeeper. His wife threw the stolen apples on a rubbish heap. One of the seedlings which arose was resued and gave rise to the variety which was named after the unfortunate ploughman.

Medium to large, flat-round, ribbed fruit. Blood red skin. Crisp, juicy flesh becomes stained pink when very ripe. Sweet with a light flavour. Vigorous tree.

Characteristics of Bloody Ploughman apple trees

Fruit sizeMedium
Picking timeMid Sep
Season of useSep-Nov
Tree vigourVigorous
Tree habitUpright-spreading
Suitable forNorthern Britain
Pollination date12
Pollination groupD
PollinatorsPollination partners