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Medaille d'Or

A small russet cider apple producing a full bittersweet cider.

Origin: France, 1884

Pollination: Medaille d'Or is self-sterile and would require a pollinator to produce a crop.  Pollination partners

Medaille d'Or apple trees for sale

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History and description of Medaille d'Or

Medaille d'Or was raised in Rouen in France and introduced to England in 1884. A small to medium sized fruit with russeted yellow and orange skin. Produces a sweet, heavily astringent juice which ferments to a full bittersweet cider often with high alcohol content. Heavy cropping, spreading tree.

Characteristics of Medaille d'Or apple trees

Fruit sizeSmall
Picking timeNov
Season of useNov
Tree vigourModerate
Tree habitSpreading
Disease resistanceScab - Resistant
Pollination date30
Pollination groupH
PollinatorsPollination partners