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Vista Bella

A good summer dessert apple with a refreshing raspberry flavour.

Origin: USA, 1956

Pollination: Vista Bella is self-sterile and would require a pollinator to produce a crop.  Pollination partners

Vista Bella apple trees for sale

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History and description of Vista Bella

Raised at Rutgers University Agricultural Experimental Station, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA 1956. The name arose because the variety proved very successful in the Guatemalan highlands. Grown commercially in eastern USA, Canada and Guatemala.

Medium sized, round fruit. Attractive looking. Dark red flush over a pale green skin. Heavy pale blue bloom. Juicy, melting, white flesh. Sweet but with plenty of acidity. Scented with a distinct raspberry flavour. Fruit bruises easily and goes soft soon after picking. Best eaten from the tree. May lack sweetness in a poor English summer.

Vigorous tree. Good cropper but with some bienniel tendency. Susceptible to canker and best avoided for humid locations.

Characteristics of Vista Bella apple trees

Fruit sizeMedium
Picking timeEarly Aug
Season of useAug
Tree vigourVigorous
Tree habitUpright-spreading
Pollination date6
Pollination groupB
PollinatorsPollination partners