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A white fleshed dual purpose summer apple from Sweden similar to White Transparent.

Origin: N Europe, 1816

Pollination: Vitgylling is self-sterile and would require a pollinator to produce a crop.  Pollination partners

Vitgylling apple trees produced to order

We do not stock this variety, but it is available through our custom bud-grafting service.

Propagation is carried out in late July / early August, and the grafted trees would be available for supply in December the following year (approximately 14 months later). You can choose the number of trees and the rootstock(s) you want the trees grafted on.

Read more about our Grafting service here.

If you wish to order a grafted tree of this variety please fill in our contact form in the first instance.

Characteristics of Vitgylling apple trees

UseDual Cul & Des
Fruit sizeMedium
Picking timeLate Aug
Season of useAug-Sep
Tree vigourModerate
Tree habitUpright-spreading
Pollination date8
Pollination groupC
PollinatorsPollination partners