Apple - Cornish Gilliflower

Cornish Gilliflower Apple

Open Day tree location: A1-043

Malus domestica
An old English apple with an unusual shape and sweet perfumed flavour orginating from Cornwall.

Origin: Cornwall UK 1800

Pollination:  Cornish Gilliflower is self-sterile and would require a pollinator to produce a crop. Show suitable pollination partners

A guide to choosing Apple Trees

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Please select the rootstock, age and tree form available items in the table below. The choice of rootstock is important as it determines the size to which the tree will grow when mature. Trees are available either as maidens which are untrained one year old trees or two year old trees already trained in a particular form. Reduced price trees when available are smaller one year old trees or two year old trees which have less well developed heads than our regular trees but are otherwise perfectly good healthy trees offered at a lower price. Trees are supplied bare root during the planting season from late November to early March. Further information is available below.

Rootstock / Vigour / Age / Form Availability Price Qty required
M26 - Semi-dwarfing   1 year Maiden Available £17.00
MM111 - Vigorous   1 year Maiden Available £17.00
M25 - Very vigorous   1 year Maiden Sold out £17.00

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2019/20 means Sold out but available for supply winter 2019/20. Orders taken from May 2019
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History and description of Cornish Gilliflower

A very old variety, brought to notice by Sir Christopher Hawkins in 1813 having been discovered in a garden in Truro, Cornwall in about 1800. The word Gilliflower is believed to have been derived from the old French word Girofle meaning clove and given to this variety because it is supposed to have a clove-like frangrance when cut.

Medium to large sized, rather unusual irregular oblong or oblong-conical shaped fruit. The knobbly exterior is quite boldly ribbed and distinctly five crowned. The skin is rather rough, often with some russetting, greenish yellow with up to half flushed orange-red. Very firm yellow flesh, tinged green around the core. Rather dry but sweet with a melon like frangrance.

Moderately vigorous, very spreading tree. It is a tip-bearer and unsuited for training into restricted forms such as cordons and espaliers. A light cropper.

Main characteristics of Cornish Gilliflower

Use Dessert
Colour Flushed
Flavour Aromatic
Fruit size  Medium
Picking time  Mid Oct
Season of use  Nov-Jan

Tree vigour  Moderate
Tree habit  Upright-Spreading
Fruit bearing  Tip-bearer
Cropping Light
Disease resistance  Canker: Susceptible
Scab: Resistant
Special features Attractive Blossom

Pollination date  12
Pollination group  D
Self fertility  Self-sterile
Pollinators Show suitable pollination partners
Progeny  Cornish Pine
Other names  Calville d'Angleterre