Apple - Rosemary Russet

Rosemary Russet Apple

Malus domestica
A strong sweet sharp flavoured russet apple with a reddish flush.

Origin: Middlesex UK 1831

Pollination:  Rosemary Russet is self-sterile and would require a pollinator to produce a crop. Show suitable pollination partners

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We have now stopped taking orders for the winter 2019/20 planting season. Our 2020/21 list is currently being prepared. It will be available from 1st May 2020 when we will start taking orders for delivery next autumn/winter.
This item is not currently available. We can propagate it to order. Click here for details of our propagation service.

Main characteristics of Rosemary Russet

Use Dessert
Colour Flushed
Flavour Acid drop
Fruit size  Medium
Picking time  Early/Mid Oct
Season of use  Dec-Mar

Tree vigour  Moderate
Tree habit  Upright
Fruit bearing  Spur-bearer
Cropping Good
Disease resistance  Scab: Resistant
Mildew: Resistant
Canker: Resistant
Suitable for Northern Britain
Wet Regions
Special features Attractive Blossom

Pollination date  10
Pollination group  C
Self fertility  Self-sterile
Pollinators Show suitable pollination partners