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Anna Spath

A dual purpose purple plum with good flavour and reliable cropping

Origin: Hungary, 1870

Pollination: Anna Spath is partially self-fertile and would produce some crop without a pollinator but would benefit considerably from a pollinator.  Pollination partners

Anna Spath plum and gage trees for sale

VVA-1 rootstock 1 year Maiden (Dwarfing)£19.00
WA-VIT rootstock 1 year Maiden (Semi-dwarfing)£19.00
Adaptabil rootstock 1 year Maiden (Semi-vigorous)£19.00
Brompton rootstock 1 year Maiden (Very vigorous)£19.00

Orders placed now will be delivered in the winter planting season.

History and description of Anna Spath

Discovered at Kadoszbeg, Hungary in 1870 and introduced by Spath of Berlin in 1874.

Medium large, oval-oblong purple fruit with good flavour. Free stone. Can be used as both a dessert and culinary plum.

Vigorous upright tree bearing good crops.

Characteristics of Anna Spath plum and gage trees

UseDual Cul & Des
Fruit sizeMedium
Picking time
Season of useL Sep
Tree vigourVigorous
Tree habitUpright
Pollination date21
Pollination groupC
Self-fertilityPartially self-fertile
PollinatorsPollination partners