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Other recommended Fruit Trees


By far the our most popular sweet cherries are three Canadian varieties Stella, Sunburst and Sweetheart. They are self-fertile and can be grown on their own but also produce excellent sweet dark cherries.  Summer Sun has good frost resistance in addition to the high quality of its fruit. Penny is a new English variety which we would also recommend. If you are looking for a traditional red on yellow cherry we would recommend Whiteheart or Napoleon. As for acid culinary cherries, Morello is the best known and most popular but in our opinion Albalu produces better quality larger fruit with stronger cherry flavour.



One of the main problems of growing peaches in this country is that they suffer badly from peach leaf curl disease. We are one of a few nurseries in the country which offer a new leaf curl resistant variety Avalon Pride. It is a delicious yellow fleshed peach which we highly recommend. If you prefer a white fleshed peach we would recommend Peregrine which unlike Avalon Pride will need protection against leaf curl.



Apricots flower very early as the result f which cropping ids often erratic. Moorpark is the most reliable of the old varieties. However we now have some new varieties which have been specifically bred for colder climates. The best of these is Tomcot which produces excellent large peach sized fruit. Flavourcot is also one of the new varieties that we would recommend.



We divide our quinces two groups: the more familiar acid quinces and the sweet quinces. Acid quinces are very good for jelly making as they break up quickly when cooked. Meeches Prolific is the best of these because it crops regularly and well in most parts of the country. We would also recommend Ekmek which has a larger fruit and also crops quite well. The sweet quinces are less well known. These are fine textured and sweet, and when cooked will keep their shape well. They have a much wider range of culinary uses. We have three sweet varieties which are quite similar: Isfahan, Shams and Iranian Quince.



Unlike most nurseries which offer one token variety of medlar, usually Nottingham, we offer a much wider range. Nottingham is in fact not a variety that we recommend because it tends to crack and rot. Our Iranian Medlar ripens earlier than other varieties. When ripe the flesh is soft and juicy and tastes rather like an apple sauce. Royal Medlar and Westerveld are also very good. They ripen later and have sweeter firmer flesh. All the medlars produce attractive spreading bushy trees with beautiful red and gold autumn colour.


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