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Recommended Pear Trees

Early Pears

Williams Bon Chretien is probably the best known early pear. It is ready to be picked in early September. It is a smooth skinned pear which it sweet and juicy when ripe. Slightly under-ripe it is an excellent cooking pear. Sensation is a red skinned version of Williams. Beth which ripens earlier than Williams is a smaller fruit but every bit as good as Williams with similar melting sweet flesh. Another early pear we recommend is Merton Pride.


Mid Season Pears

Onward is an excellent mid season pear. It is a large round sweet juicy pear which ripens in late September or early October. Beurre Hardy is another mid season pear we recommend. At its best it is sweet with a lovely rose water fragrance.  Louise Bonne of Jersey is a very different kind of pear. It is an old variety which has a pretty red flushed skin and unusually for a pear it has a slightly acid flavour. If you like a crisp firm textured pear, we suggest  Bonne de Beugny.


Late Season Pears

Conference is probably the best known of the late pears. Its great advantage is that it crops well in most parts of the country. It is also unusual in being at least partially self-fertile although it would still be advisable to grow it with a pollinator. Concorde is a very similar variety which produces a more compact tree.  Doyenne du Comice is regarded by many as one of the finest flavoured pears. In a warm sheltered location it can produce lovely sweet juicy pears.


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