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Acklam Russet

A very old Yorkshire russet apple with a sweet sharp flavour.

Origin: Yorkshire UK, 1768

Pollination: Acklam Russet is a self-sterile triploid and would require a pollinator to produce a crop.  Pollination partners

Acklam Russet apple trees for sale

M26 rootstock 1 year Maiden (Semi-dwarfing) £21.50 Sold-out

History and description of Acklam Russet

A very old russet apple which arose in Acklam, Yorkshire UK. First recorded 1768. Small flat round fruit. Pale yellow and green skin covered with a thin grey russet. Firm, crisp, juicy white flesh tinged with green. A highly flavoured sweet sharp fruit. Keeps very well. A hardy tree which crops well.

Characteristics of Acklam Russet apple trees

Fruit sizeSmall
Picking timeMid Oct
Season of useDec-Feb
Tree vigourModerate
Tree habitUpright-spreading
Disease resistanceScab - Resistant
Suitable forNorthern Britain
Pollination date10
Pollination groupC
Self-fertilitySelf-sterile triploid
PollinatorsPollination partners