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Now largely superseded by the more highly coloured sport Red Falstaff.

Origin: Kent UK, 1965

Pollination: Falstaff is partially self-fertile and would produce some crop without a pollinator but would benefit considerably from a pollinator.  Pollination partners

Falstaff apple trees for sale

M9 rootstock 2 year Cordon (Dwarfing) £26.50 Sold-out
M26 rootstock 1 year Maiden (Semi-dwarfing)*Reduced price* £12.75 Sold-out
M26 rootstock 2 year Cordon (Semi-dwarfing) £26.50 Sold-out

*Reduced price trees have not grown sufficiently to meet our standard specification, and are therefore offered at a lower price. They should still become fully developed trees but may take a bit longer.

History and description of Falstaff

Falstaff apple was raised by Dr F Alston, East Malling Research Station, Kent, UK 1965 from James Grieve X Golden Delicious. Grown commercially in continental Europe and on a very small scale in the UK.

Medium sized, oblong-conical fruit. Red flush and stripes over smooth yellow skin. Very attractive looking but colouring may be poor in less sunny parts of the UK. Very crisp, juicy flesh. Pleasant refreshing, fruity flavour with a good balance of sweetness and acidity. A good dessert variety also useful for juice making. Keeps its crispness well in storage.

Moderately vigorous trees. Heavy cropping, partially self-fertile variety. Good resistance to late frosts. A good garden variety.

Characteristics of Falstaff apple trees

Fruit sizeMedium
Picking timeEarly Oct
Season of useOct-Dec
Tree vigourModerate
Tree habitUpright-spreading
Suitable forLate Frost
Northern Britain
Special featuresGood for Juice
Pollination date11
Pollination groupC
Self-fertilityPartially self-fertile
PollinatorsPollination partners
ParentageGolden Delicious
James Grieve
SportsRed Falstaff