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Lord Napier

The most popular nectarine grown in the UK.

Origin: Hertfordshire UK, 1860

Pollination: Lord Napier is self-fertile and a pollinator is not necessary for producing a crop.  Pollination partners

Lord Napier peach and nectarine trees for sale

VVA-1 rootstock 2 year Fan Trained (Dwarfing) £49.50 Sold-out
Adaptabil rootstock 1 year Maiden (Semi-vigorous) £22.50 Sold-out
Krymsk 86 rootstock 1 year Maiden (Semi-vigorous) £22.50
Krymsk 86 rootstock 2 year Fan Trained (Semi-vigorous) £49.50

Orders placed now will be delivered in the winter planting season.

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History and description of Lord Napier

Lord Napier is one of the most popular varieties of nectarine. The fruit is large. It has a dark crimson flushed skin and white juicy flesh. Crops well and regularly but needs protection against leaf curl.

Characteristics of Lord Napier peach and nectarine trees

ColourWhite Fleshed
Fruit size
Picking time
Season of useMid Aug
Tree vigourModerate
Tree habit
Pollination date0
Pollination group
PollinatorsPollination partners