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Peach and Nectarine trees

Peaches and nectarines belong to the same species. Nectarines are simply a smooth skinned sub-species of peaches. Although normally associated with warmer, sunnier climates than the UK, peaches and nectarines can be grown successfully in much of the country. In cooler northern regions they should only be grown in warm sheltered spots, but in the south they can even be grown in the open. Despite the extra effort required to grow them, they are a very worthwhile addition to a garden, especially if you have a sunny south facing wall or fence. Home grown peaches and nectarines allowed to ripen on the tree are far superior to those sold in shops.

There are two main problems associated with growing peaches and nectarines in the UK. First is a fungal disease called peach leaf curl. This disease infects during early spring in wet conditions. The best way of prevention is to grow the tree under cover during the critical period or to grow resistant varieties such as Avalon Pride. The second problem is that peaches and nectarines flower very early. Cropping can therefore be erratic because of the risk of frost damage to the blossom or a shortage of pollinating insects. The best solution to both these problems is to grow the tree against a sunny south facing wall or fence where it is easier to erect temporary or permanent protection from spring rain and frost.

We offer a good range of both modern and traditional peach and nectarine trees for sale at Keepers Nursery. Click here for a guide to choosing peach and nectarine trees.

Peach trees

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Nectarine trees

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