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Cooking pear trees

Cooking pears fall into two categories. The first are eating varieties which are used for cooking. These are usually used for cooking before the soften. The second are old fashioned cooking pears which remain hard however long they are kept and never soften sufficiently to be eaten fresh. Click here for a guide to choosing pear trees.
We have now stopped taking orders for the winter 2018/19 planting season. Our 2019/20 list is currently being prepared. It will be available from 1st May when we will start taking orders for delivery next autumn/winter.
  • Available again next year
    An ancient and historic pear with very dark skin. One of the best traditional cooking pears.
  • Available again next year
    One of the oldest and best of the cooking pears.
  • Available again next year
    Probably the best known and most widely grown pear throughout the world.