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Nouveau Poiteau

A reliable heavy cropping variety with good but not outstanding flavour.

Origin: Belgium, 1827

Pollination: Nouveau Poiteau is self-sterile and would require a pollinator to produce a crop.  Pollination partners

Nouveau Poiteau pear trees for sale

Sorry we have sold out of this variety for this season.

History and description of Nouveau Poiteau

Raised by Van Mons at Louvain, Belgium 1827. Named after the pomologist Poiteau.

Large, oval pyriform fruit. Rough, greenish yellow skin covered with a brownish russet. White, juicy, melting flesh. Good rich flavour.

Moderately vigorous tree. Reliable heavy cropper. Useful garden variety.

Characteristics of Nouveau Poiteau pear trees

Fruit sizeLarge
Picking timeOct
Season of useNov
Tree vigourModerate
Tree habit
Disease resistanceScab - Resistant
Pollination date23
Pollination groupE
PollinatorsPollination partners