Quince and Medlar trees

Unlike most nurseries which offer one or two token varieties of quince and medlar at Keepers Nursery we offer an extensive range of both for sale. We have listed a small number of the most popular and our recommended varieties below. You can see the full range by clicking on the relevant links. Click here for a guide to choosing quince and medlar trees.

Quince trees

A quince trees is an attractive addition to a garden providing interesting blossom in the spring and golden fragrant fruit in the autumn which can be turned into delicious jams and jellies. They are relatively easy trees to grow. They should ideally be planted in full sun. They crop best in warmer, sunnier parts of the country. In cooler regions they should be grown in warm sheltered locations.

Further information on quince trees can be found on Quince Trees Advice Page.

Please find below 4 of the most popular and recommended varieties. We can offer a total of 15 varieties - click here.

  • A very good quality large pear shaped quince with attractive bright yellow fruit.
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    A very high quality sweet quince named after the ancient city of Isfahan in Iran whence it originates.
  • A very reliable cropper producing good crops of pear shaped fruit excellent for jelly making.
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    A very large pear shaped quince. Reliable cropper with quality fruit.

Medlar trees

Medlars were at one time a very popular winter fruit in England. However today they are almost unknown and even regarded with some suspicion. We are sure that if you give medlars a chance you will grow to love them as we do. Medlar trees are easy trees to grow that do well in most parts of the country. They have much to offer in addition to their fruit. They form bushy trees with interesting contorted, spreading branches. They have attractive large white blossom in late spring and the most spectacular gold and red autumn foliage of any fruit tree.

Further information on medlar trees can be found on Medlar Trees Advice Page.

Please find below 4 of the most popular and recommended varieties. We can offer a total of 7 varieties - click here.

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    A medlar from Iran which produces early ripening fruit particularly good for eating fresh. Season: Nov-Dec
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    The best known variety of medlar in the UK.
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    A good quality late ripening medlar with sweet creamy flesh.
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    One of the best late ripening medlars.