Quince - Sobu

Sobu Quince

Cydonia oblonga
A very large pear shaped quince. Reliable cropper with quality fruit.

Origin: Turkey

Pollination:  Sobu is self-fertile and a pollinator is not necessary for producing a crop.

A guide to choosing Quince Trees

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Please select the rootstock, age and tree form available items in the table below. The choice of rootstock is important as it determines the size to which the tree will grow when mature. Trees are available either as maidens which are untrained one year old trees or two year old trees already trained in a particular form. Reduced price trees when available are smaller one year old trees or two year old trees which have less well developed heads than our regular trees but are otherwise perfectly good healthy trees offered at a lower price. Trees are supplied bare root during the planting season from late November to early March. Further information is available below.

Rootstock / Vigour / Age / Form
Quince A - Semi-dwarfing   1 year Maiden
Sold out

History and description of Sobu

Sobu quince probably originates from Turkey where it is one of a number of comercially grown varieties. The fruit is very large and unusually long pear shaped. It is greenish yellow when ripe. It has quite sweet, fine textured flesh which keeps its shape when cooked. The tree is compact with a spreading growth habit.

Main characteristics of Sobu

Use Culinary
Season of use  Oct-Nov

Tree vigour  Small
Tree habit  Spreading

Self fertility  Self Fertile