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Recommended Fruit Trees

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We offer a very large range of fruit trees for sale. If you are new to growing fruit trees you may find the choice of varieties a little overwhelming.  We have produced a list of our recommended varieties with comments  which we hope will help you choose the best varieties for you.

What have we based our recommendations on? By far the most important consideration is flavour and other eating qualities. Whatever other merits a variety may have you would be wasting your time growing it unless you like eating it. Of course there is a question of personal taste. So our recommendations include varieties with a range of flavours for you to choose from.

The next most important factor is suitability as a garden variety.  We have chosen varieties which are relatively easy to grow, crop well and are as far as possible resistant to diseases and pests. However good a variety may be in other respects if it is very disease prone or crops poorly it is likely to be disappointing. There are some varieties which we feel are worth recommending despite some disadvantages. We point out the problems in these cases.

Rather than reproduce the same old lists of well known traditional varieties we have tried to include a number of less well know varieties which we think are good and worth recommending. Some of these are old varieties, but many are interesting new varieties not grown commercially which have been bred for flavour as well as good cropping and disease resistance.

In making your choice of varieties you should aim to have a spread of ripening season to avoid a glut of fruit at one time and none at other times. For this reason we have subdivided our lists of recommended apple, pear and plum varieties into cropping season.

In making your selection you will also need to make decisions on rootstocks and tree forms. You will also need to take account of pollination and fertilisation. These are not dealt with in this article. Please see Choosing the Right Fruit Trees.

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