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One of the best modern apples with an excellent fruity flavour and good keeping quality.

Origin: Netherlands, 1972

Pollination: Elstar is self-sterile and would require a pollinator to produce a crop.  Pollination partners

Elstar apple trees for sale

M26 rootstock 1 year Maiden (Semi-dwarfing) £20.50
MM106 rootstock 2 year Espalier (2 Tier) (Semi-vigorous) £55.50 Sold-out

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History and description of Elstar

Raised by T Visser, Wageningen, Netherlands from Ingrid Marie x Golden Delicious. Introduced in 1972. Grown extensively in continental Europe and USA but rarely imported into the UK.

Medium sized, round-conical fruit. Yellow skin with bright scarlet flush. Cream coloured flesh. Crisp and juicy. Excellent flavour. Sweet with good balancing acidity and pleasant distinctive fruity flavour. Stores well keeping its flavour and much of its crispness through the winter.

Moderately vigorous tree. Good regular cropper but suceptible to scab and mildew.

Characteristics of Elstar apple trees

Fruit sizeMedium
Picking timeEarly Oct
Season of useOct-Jan
Tree vigourModerate
Tree habitUpright-spreading
Pollination date15
Pollination groupD
PollinatorsPollination partners
ParentageGolden Delicious
Ingrid Marie