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A very attractive red flushed dessert apple with good frost resistance.

Origin: Kent UK, 1966

Pollination: Jester is self-sterile and would require a pollinator to produce a crop.  Pollination partners

Jester apple trees produced to order

Closing date for custom graft orders: 14 Jul 2024

We do not stock this variety, but we can produce custom-graft trees for you. Trees can be grafted on any of the following rootstocks:

MaidenM9Dwarfing £39.00
MaidenM26Semi-dwarfing £39.00
MaidenMM106Semi-vigorous £39.00
MaidenMM111Vigorous £39.00
MaidenM25Very vigorous £39.00

Custom graft trees would be supplied in December 2025. More details of our custom grafting service here.

History and description of Jester

Raised in 1966 by Dr F Alston at the East Malling Research Station, Kent from a Worcester Pearmain X Starkspur Golden Delicious.

A very attractive fruit. Smooth skinned with a bright red flush over a yellow background. Soft, juicy, white flesh. Sweet with a refreshing flavour of fruit. Can lack flavour.

A tree of moderate vigour. Heavy cropper. Disease resistant and frost tollerant.

Characteristics of Jester apple trees

Fruit sizeMedium
Picking timeEarly Oct
Season of useOct-Dec
Tree vigourModerate
Tree habitUpright-spreading
Disease resistanceScab - Slightly resistant
Mildew - Very resistant
Suitable forDry Regions
Late Frost
Northern Britain
Pollination date15
Pollination groupD
PollinatorsPollination partners
ParentageStarkspur Golden Delicious
Worcester Pearmain