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Josephine de Malines

A good winter dessert pear but best grown in a warm location

Origin: Belgium, 1830

Pollination: Josephine de Malines is self-sterile and would require a pollinator to produce a crop.  Pollination partners

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History and description of Josephine de Malines

Raised by Major Esperen in Malines, Belgium c 1830. Named after his wife Josephine.

Small, short conical fruit. Pale green skin ripening to yellow. Variable amount of greenish russet particularly around the stalk. White, very smooth, melting flesh. Sweet with a fine aromatic flavour. Best grown in a warm location and picked as late as possible to allow the flavour to develop fully. Keeps well in storage.

A relatively weak growing tree with a weeping habit. Reliable heavy cropping. Tip bearer. Good resistance against pear scab.

Characteristics of Josephine de Malines pear trees

Fruit sizeSmall
Picking timeLate Oct
Season of useJan-Feb
Tree vigourSmall
Tree habit
Disease resistanceScab - Resistant
Pollination date19
Pollination groupD
PollinatorsPollination partners