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White Magnum Bonum Plum

Prunus domestica
A very old yellow cooking plum.

Origin: France 1500

Pollination:  White Magnum Bonum is self-fertile and a pollinator is not necessary for producing a crop. Show suitable pollination partners

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History and description of White Magnum Bonum

Believed to ba a very old French variety originating in Besancon in the 16th Century or even earlier. It is similar to the Yellow Pershore and historically sometimes confused with this variety.

Large, oval fruit with a very slight neck. Greenish yellow skin with a bluish green bloom. Firm, dry, clear yellow flesh. Clinging stone. Little flavour as a dessert plum but useful as a cooker.

Vigorous tree. Suceptible to Silver Leaf. Good cropping. Does well on heavy soild.

Main characteristics of White Magnum Bonum

Use Culinary
Colour Yellow
Flavour Sharp
Fruit size  Large
Season of use  M Sep

Tree vigour  Vigorous
Tree habit  Upright-Spreading
Cropping Good
Disease resistance  Silver Leaf: Susceptible

Pollination date  21
Pollination group  C
Self fertility  Self Fertile
Pollinators Show suitable pollination partners
Progeny  Coe's Golden Drop (?)
Other names  Dame Aubert