Plum - Jubileum

Jubileum Plum

Prunus domestica
A modern plum variety similar to a Victoria but much larger fruit and slightly earlier season.

Origin: Sweden 1985

Pollination:  Jubileum is self-fertile and a pollinator is not necessary for producing a crop. Show suitable pollination partners

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History and description of Jubileum

Jubileum, also known as Julbilee, plum is a modern variety bred in Sweden in 1985. It is quite similar to and regarded as a modern alternative to Victoria. It is now grown commercially in the UK and has become a well established garden variety.

The fruit is attractive, large and oval in shape. It is larger, has darker skin and ripens at least ten days earlier than Victoria. The skin is dark red turning purple when fully ripe. The yellow flesh is firm but juicy with a good sweet flavour. Jubileum can be used both for eating fresh and cooking. The stone is free making it easy to remove the stones for culinary uses such as jam, pies or stewing.

The tree is upright with moderate vigour. It crops well but does not overcrop like Victoria. It is self-fertile and will crop well even if grown on its own. Bred in Sweden it is a suitable for cooler climates. Well worth considering as an alterative to Victoria.

Main characteristics of Jubileum

Use Dual Cul & Des
Colour Red
Flavour Sweet
Fruit size  Large
Season of use  Aug

Tree vigour  Moderate

Pollination date  24
Pollination group  D
Self fertility  Self Fertile
Pollinators Show suitable pollination partners
Other names  Jubilee