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Crab apple trees

Crab apples trees produce abundant blossom over a long period. As a result they are often planted for their ornamental value or as pollinators. The fruit is small and usually very sharp. Crab apples produce excellent jelly because of their acidity and high pectin content. Click here for a guide to choosing apple trees.
  • An early ripening bright crimson crab apple with red flesh which makes excellent a red jelly.
  • Gorgeous produces attractive glossy red crab apples which make good pink jelly
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    One of the most popular crab apple for jelly making. It produces an orange coloured jelly.
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    A dwarf columnar tree with red leaves, deep pink blossom and red fleshed crab apples.
  • Attractive partially lobed shiny purple leaves.Large dark pink blossom and small purple crab apple.
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    Red leaves and deep pink blossom in the spring. Large small apple-sized pink fleshed crab apples.