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Farleigh Damson

Our local variety. A heavy cropping popular small fruited damson.

Origin: Kent UK, 1820

Pollination: Farleigh Damson is partially self-fertile and would produce some crop without a pollinator but would benefit considerably from a pollinator.  Pollination partners

Farleigh Damson damson, cherry plum and bullace trees for sale

VVA-1 rootstock 2 year Bush (Dwarfing) £34.50 Sold-out
WA-VIT rootstock 1 year Maiden (Semi-dwarfing) £22.50 Sold-out
Adaptabil rootstock 1 year Maiden (Semi-vigorous) £22.50
St Julien A rootstock 1 year Maiden (Semi-vigorous) £22.50 Sold-out
St Julien A rootstock 2 year Half Standard (Semi-vigorous) £34.50 Sold-out
Brompton rootstock 1 year Maiden (Very vigorous) £22.50
Brompton rootstock 2 year Standard (Very vigorous) £34.50

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History and description of Farleigh Damson

Farleigh damson was found as a wild seedling by James Crittenden of Farleigh, Kent, UK and introduced c 1820.

Small, round oval fruit. Blue-black with a light blue bloom. Good strong damson flavour. Prolific regular cropper producing clusters of fruit.

Compact tree with a dense growth of thorny branches. Suitable for incorporating into hedgerows.

Characteristics of Farleigh Damson damson, cherry plum and bullace trees

ColourBlue Black
Fruit sizeSmall
Picking time
Season of useM Sep
Tree vigourModerate
Tree habit
Suitable forNorthern Britain
Wet Regions
Pollination date23
Pollination groupD
Self-fertilityPartially self-fertile
PollinatorsPollination partners
ProgenyLangley Bullace

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