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Bonne de Bry

Bonne de Bry is a very sweet early season blue dessert plum resistant to frost

Origin: France, 1820

Pollination: Bonne de Bry is self-sterile and would require a pollinator to produce a crop.  Pollination partners

Bonne de Bry plum and gage trees for sale


History and description of Bonne de Bry

Originated near Bry-sur-Marne in France c 1820 first distributed in 1870.

Small sized, round-square fruit. Blue-black bloomy skin. Greenish yellow juicy flesh. Semi-clinging stone. Good very sweet flavour.

Very vigorous open spreading tree. Good frost resistance make this variety suitable for locations subject to spring frosts.

Characteristics of Bonne de Bry plum and gage trees

Fruit sizeSmall
Picking time
Season of useE Aug
Tree vigourVigorous
Tree habitSpreading
Suitable forHardy
Late Frost
Pollination date19
Pollination groupC
PollinatorsPollination partners
ProgenyRuth Gerstetter