Pollination partners for: Duchess of Oldenburg

Pollination Group: B      Pollination Date: 4      Self-fertility: Self-sterile
Duchess of Oldenburg is self-sterile and requires a pollinator to produce a crop.
Taking into account all the relevant factors the following Apple varieties would be suitable pollinators. If the list is long it may be in several pages. Click the variety name for detailed information and online ordering for that item. Alternatively, click for brief pop-up information.
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Variety Use Pollination group Pollination date Self-fertility
    Akero Dessert B 7 Self-sterile
    Alkmene Dessert B 7 Self-fertile
    Antonovka Dual Cul & Des B 8 Self-sterile
    Autumn Glow Dessert B 7 Self-sterile
    Bakers Delicious Dessert B 7 Self-sterile
    Beeley Pippin Dessert B 4 Self-sterile
    Bellefleur Krasnyi Dessert A 3 Self-sterile
    Ben's Red Dessert B 6 Self-sterile
    Bolero Dessert A 1 Self-sterile
    Caravel Dessert B 7 Self-sterile
    Carlisle Codlin Culinary B 7 Self-sterile
    Christmas Pearmain Dessert B 5 Self-fertile
    Cleeve Dessert A 3 Self-sterile
    Delprim Dessert B 5 Self-sterile
    Devonshire Quarrenden Dessert B 7 Partially self-fertile
    Early Red Bird Dessert B 4 Self-sterile
    Egremont Russet Dessert B 7 Partially self-fertile
    Elton Beauty Dessert B 7 Self-sterile
    Fameuse Dessert B 7 Self-sterile
    Foxwhelp (Broxwood) Cider B 5 Self-sterile
    George Neal Dual Cul & Des B 7 Self-sterile
    Golden Russet Dessert B 7 Self-sterile
    Golden Spire Culinary B 5 Self-fertile
    Greensleeves Dessert B 7 Partially self-fertile
    Hector MacDonald Culinary B 6 Self-sterile
    Hog's Snout Dessert B 7 Self-sterile
    Hunt's Duke of Gloucester Dessert B 7 Self-sterile
    Hunt's Early Dessert B 7 Self-sterile
    Idared Dessert B 7 Self-sterile
    Irish Peach Dessert B 5 Self-sterile
    Kendall Dessert B 7 Self-sterile
    Kerry Pippin Dessert B 7 Self-sterile
    Keswick Codlin Culinary B 5 Partially self-fertile
    Knobby Russet Dessert B 6 Self-sterile
    Lady Hollendale Dessert B 7 Self-sterile
    Lamb Abbey Pearmain Dessert B 7 Self-sterile
    Linda Dessert B 7 Self-sterile
    Lord Peckover Dessert A 1 Self-sterile
    Lord Suffield Culinary B 4 Self-sterile
    Maidstone Favourite Dessert B 7 Self-sterile
    Maltster Dual Cul & Des B 5 Self-sterile
    Maldon Wonder Dessert B 6 Self-sterile
    Manks Codlin Culinary B 5 Self-sterile
    McIntosh Red Dessert B 7 Self-sterile
    Merton Charm Dessert B 6 Self-sterile
    Nanny Dessert B 5 Self-sterile
    Nigde Dessert B 5 Self-sterile
    Orange Goff Culinary B 6 Self-sterile
    Osennee Desertnoe Dessert B 6 Self-sterile
    Oslin Dessert B 5 Self-sterile
    Pepin Shafrannyi Dessert B 6 Self-sterile
    Plymouth Cross Dessert B 4 Self-sterile
    Polka Dessert B 5 Self-sterile
    Prince Charles Dessert B 5 Self-sterile
    Red Astrachan Dual Cul & Des A 1 Self-sterile
    Red Windsor Dessert B 7 Self-fertile
    Reverend W Wilks Culinary B 7 Self-fertile
    Scarlet Pimpernel Dessert A 3 Self-sterile
    Scotch Dumpling Culinary B 5 Self-sterile
    Skovfoged Culinary B 5 Self-sterile
    Slack Ma Girdle Cider B Self-sterile
    St Cecilia Dessert B 7 Self-sterile
    Summer Golden Pippin Dessert B 7 Self-sterile
    Summerred Dessert B 5 Self-sterile
    Sure Crop Dual Cul & Des B 7 Self-sterile
    Thorle Pippin Dessert B 6 Self-sterile
    Tremlett's Bitter Cider B 5 Self-sterile
    Violette Dessert B 4 Self-sterile
    Vista Bella Dessert B 6 Self-sterile
    Wagener Dual Cul & Des B 6 Partially self-fertile
    White Joaneting Dessert A 1 Self-sterile
    White Transparent Dual Cul & Des B 6 Partially self-fertile
    Wijcik McIntosh Dessert B 7 Self-sterile