Pollination partners for: Beurre Rance

Pollination Group: D      Pollination Date: 21      Self-fertility: Self-sterile
Beurre Rance is a triploid variety and should be grown with two other pollination partners.
Taking into account all the relevant factors the following Pear varieties would be suitable pollinators. If the list is long it may be in several pages. Click the variety name for detailed information and online ordering for that item. Alternatively, click for brief pop-up information.
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Variety Use Pollination group Pollination date Self-fertility
    Abbe Fetel Dessert D 19 Self-sterile
    Nuvar® Anniversary Dessert C 17 Self-sterile
    Autumn Bergamot Dual Cul & Des D 18 Self-sterile
    Bambinella Dessert C 17 Self-sterile
    Baronne de Melo Dessert C 15 Self-sterile
    Bellisime d'Hiver Culinary C 16 Self-sterile
    Belle Julie Dessert D 21 Self-sterile
    Bergamotte d'Automne Dessert D 18 Self-sterile
    Bergamotte d'Esperen Dessert E 26 Self-sterile
    Beth Dessert D 22 Self-sterile
    Beurre de l'Assumption Dessert E 24 Self-sterile
    Beurre d'Avalon Dessert E 27 Self-sterile
    Beurre Bedford Dessert E 23 Self-sterile
    Beurre Bosc Dual Cul & Des E 24 Self-sterile
    Beurre Clairgeau Dual Cul & Des C 17 Self-sterile
    Beurre Dubuisson Dessert D 19 Self-sterile
    Beurre Hardy Dessert D 19 Self-sterile
    Red Beurre Hardy Dessert D 19 Self-sterile
    Beurre Mortillet Dessert E 24 Self-sterile
    Beurre Six Dessert C 17 Self-sterile
    Beurre Sterckmans Dessert D 22 Self-sterile
    Beurre Superfin Dual Cul & Des D 21 Partially self-fertile
    Bishop's Thumb Dessert D 21 Self-sterile
    Blakeney Red Perry D 21 Self-sterile
    Blickling Dessert E 23 Self-sterile
    Bonne de Beugny Dessert E 27 Self-sterile
    Bon-Chretien d'Hiver Dessert D 21 Self-sterile
    Brandy Perry D 21 Self-sterile
    Canal Red Dessert C 18 Self-sterile
    Nuvar® Celebration C 17 Self-sterile
    Chaumontel Dessert D 18 Self-sterile
    Citron des Carmes Dessert D 20 Self-sterile
    Clapps Favourite Dual Cul & Des D 21 Self-sterile
    Doyenne du Comice Dessert E 23 Self-sterile
    Comte de Lamy Dessert D 21 Self-sterile
    Red Comice Dessert E 23 Self-sterile
    Concorde Dessert E 22 Partially self-fertile
    Conference Dessert C 17 Partially self-fertile
    Coscia Dessert D 20 Self-sterile
    Dana's Hovey Dessert C 18 Self-sterile
    Doyenne Blanc Dessert E 25 Self-sterile
    Doyenne Georges Boucher Dessert D 19 Self-sterile
    Dr Jules Guyot Dual Cul & Des D 20 Partially self-fertile
    Duchesse d'Angouleme Dessert C 16 Self-sterile
    Duchesse de Bordeaux Dessert C 16 Self-sterile
    Durondeau Dessert C 16 Partially self-fertile
    Easter Beurre Dessert C 17 Self-sterile
    Emile d'Heyst Dessert C 15 Self-sterile
    English Caillot Rosat Dessert E 23 Self-sterile
    Eva Baltet Dessert E 23 Self-sterile
    Fair Maid Dessert C 17 Self-sterile
    Fertility Dessert D 19 Self-sterile
    Improved Fertility Dessert D 20 Partially self-fertile
    Fondante d'Automne Dessert D 20 Self-sterile
    Laxton's Foremost Dessert D 22 Self-sterile
    Gansel's Bergamot Dessert D 18 Self-sterile
    Glou Morceau Dessert D 21 Self-sterile
    Gorham Dual Cul & Des E 23 Partially self-fertile
    Gregoire Bordillon Dessert E 26 Self-sterile
    Green Horse Perry E 23 Self-sterile
    Harrow Delight Dessert C 17 Self-sterile
    Harvester Dessert C 16 Self-sterile
    Hendre Huffcap Perry E 23 Self-sterile
    Hessle Dual Cul & Des D 19 Self-sterile
    Humbug Dessert D 20 Self-sterile
    Invincible® delwinor Dual Cul & Des C 17 Self-fertile
    Josephine de Malines Dessert D 19 Self-sterile
    Laxton's Early Market Dessert D 20 Self-sterile
    Le Lectier Dessert D 20 Self-sterile
    Magyar Kobak Dessert C 17 Self-sterile
    Marie Louise Dessert D 22 Partially self-fertile
    Marquise Dessert D 19 Self-sterile
    Martin Sec Dual Cul & Des C 16 Self-sterile
    Merton Star Dessert D 21 Self-sterile
    Messire Jean Dessert D 21 Self-sterile
    Moonglow Dual Cul & Des D 22 Self-sterile
    Moorcroft Perry D Self-sterile
    Mrs Seden Dessert D 18 Self-sterile
    Nec Plus Meuris Dessert D 19 Self-sterile
    Nouveau Poiteau Dessert E 23 Self-sterile
    Olivier de Serres Dessert D 18 Self-sterile
    Onward Dessert E 23 Self-sterile
    Passe Crassane Dessert C 15 Self-sterile
    President Barabe Dessert D 22 Self-sterile
    Redbald Dual Cul & Des D 20 Self-sterile
    Robin Dual Cul & Des C 17 Self-sterile
    Roosevelt Dessert D 19 Self-sterile
    Santa Claus Dessert E 23 Self-sterile
    Seckel Dual Cul & Des D 20 Self-sterile
    Sensation Dessert D 20 Self-sterile
    Souvenir du Congres Dessert D 19 Self-sterile
    Starkrimson Dual Cul & Des D 21 Self-sterile
    Swan's Egg Dessert D 19 Self-sterile
    Thompson's Dessert D 19 Self-sterile
    Thorn Perry D Self-sterile
    Triomphe de Vienne Dessert D 21 Self-sterile
    Williams Bon Chretien Dual Cul & Des D 20 Partially self-fertile
    Red Williams Dual Cul & Des D 20 Self-sterile
    Windsor Dual Cul & Des D 19 Self-sterile
    Winter Nelis Dessert D 22 Self-sterile
    Winter Orange Dessert D 19 Self-sterile
    Yellow Huffcap Perry D 20 Self-sterile
    Zephirin Gregoire Dessert D 21 Self-sterile