Pollination partners for: Dumelow's Seedling

Pollination Group: D      Pollination Date: 15      Self-fertility: Self-sterile
Dumelow's Seedling is self-sterile and requires a pollinator to produce a crop.
Taking into account all the relevant factors the following Apple varieties would be suitable pollinators. If the list is long it may be in several pages. Click the variety name for detailed information and online ordering for that item. Alternatively, click for brief pop-up information.
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Variety Use Pollination group Pollination date Self-fertility
    Admiral Dessert D 13 Self-sterile
    Angyal Dezso Dessert D 15 Self-sterile
    Annie Elizabeth Culinary E 16 Partially self-fertile
    Ard Cairn Russet Dessert D 12 Self-sterile
    Autumn Pearmain Dessert D 13 Self-sterile
    Banns Dessert D 14 Self-sterile
    Barnack Beauty Dual Cul & Des D 14 Self-sterile
    Bascombe Mystery Dessert E 18 Self-sterile
    Baxters Pearmain Dessert D 15 Self-sterile
    Beauty of Hants Dessert D 13 Self-sterile
    Beauty of Stoke Culinary E 16 Self-sterile
    Beauchamwell Dessert D 15 Self-sterile
    Belle de Pontoise Dual Cul & Des D 12 Self-sterile
    Bloody Ploughman Dessert D 12 Self-sterile
    Braeburn Dessert E 18 Self-fertile
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